Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tale of Two Dogs that Bite: Tobey & Tim

Governor Patrick’s been having a tough couple of weeks. Let’s recap. Governor Patrick vetoes funding to two zoos, causing a publicity nightmare as zoo officials threaten to euthanize hundreds of animals because of the budget cuts. Then, he and President Obama add their two cents to the controversy surrounding the arrest of a prominent professor at Harvard. Then when you think things can’t get any worse, his poll numbers tank. This happens just days after his new puppy bites a woman and then proceeds to apparently use the floor at the Lowell Sun as a bathroom!

And now, as if dealing with one dog that bites isn’t bad enough, the Governor’s right hand man, aka Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray decides to take a bite out of gubernatorial candidate and Republican challenger Charlie Baker. According to State House News Service, the Lieutenant Governor sent out a scathing email attacking Baker’s credentials. If only Murray could be so lucky to bring to the table what Charlie Baker does. Instead, he’s sent out like an attack dog to do Governor Patrick’s dirty work. Over the next few months the campaign rhetoric will likely pick up and the baseless allegations will grow more and more frivolous. But at the end of the day, the people of Massachusetts want and deserve more than what they’ve received over the last few years.

They are sick of broken promises of property tax relief and Governor Patrick’s vow to clean up Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill has never and will never be a perfect place, but in Patrick’s time in the corner office, he’s made things worse, not better, though he promised he would.

And that is the tale of two dogs that bite. The End!