Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Patrick: Doesn’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Last week on The Capitol View, we discussed recent reports in the Boston Herald about expensive perks being handed out at two struggling state agencies, the Mass Pike and the MBTA. This week, the Boston Herald’s editorial page is taking issue with the pricey perks.

The editorial page says this should be a lesson to Governor Patrick who has been talking a big game lately regarding reform in Massachusetts, yet seems to be dropping the ball when it comes to tackling the low hanging fruit.

The state is sending a bad message to struggling Bay State residents when they hear about state employees traveling for free on the Mass Pike or getting a free T pass. While our taxpayers are struggling financially, the last thing they deserve or want to see, is their tax dollars providing a “free ride” to thousands of state employees.
Enough is enough. Governor Patrick needs to stop with the empty rhetoric and work on providing at least one of his campaign promises. He’s already dropped the ball on property tax relief, but doing away with pricey perks at the expense of hard-working taxpayers should be an easy reform that even he should be able to accomplish!