Monday, July 20, 2009

Retailers Looking Out for Consumers, Say Beacon Hill is Sticking it to Taxpayers

Retailers in the Bay State are stepping up their efforts to entice shoppers to their stores prior to the August 1st increase of the state’s sales tax. In a Boston Globe article today, several retailers say they are looking out for consumers in the wake of Beacon Hill sticking it to taxpayers. Stores across the Commonwealth are slashing their prices and offering special deals to encourage Massachusetts shoppers to continue shopping here as opposed to heading north across the border into New Hampshire.

It is beyond sad and disappointing that retailers appear to be the only group that has the interest of taxpayers in mind. Governor Patrick and the Democratic-controlled legislature just don’t get it. They seem oblivious to the fact that local businesses and the Massachusetts economy on a whole are going to be hard hit by the August 1st sales tax hike. Unemployment will likely rise, revenue will continue to fall and the economies in New Hampshire and Rhode Island will benefit from this reckless sales tax increase. The Republican Caucus offered millions of dollars worth of reforms during the budget season. Most proposals were foolishly rejected and now taxpayers are paying the price for the irresponsible behavior of the Patrick Administration and our Democratic colleagues.

August 1st will be a sad day in Massachusetts and unfortunately the Democrats who supported the sales tax increase will have no one to blame but themselves. Hopefully, the voters will take note of who is looking out for them.