Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Hamburger, Fries and a Whole Lot of Taxes!

Ordering a hamburger and fries at your local drive thru is going to start costing you a bit more after the meals tax increase goes into effect. The Boston Herald had an interested piece in their opinion section today examining the tax policies that left France’s restaurant industry crippled and ultimately forcing the country to significantly decrease its tax on sit down meals. The country had a 19.6% tax but was recently lowered to 5.5%. That’s right, France has a lower meals tax than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Today, Governor Patrick brushed off criticism that Massachusetts Democrats are tax and spend happy, but you know what they say; if the shoe fits, wear it. The Democratic-controlled Legislature will have some explaining to do when the already struggling restaurant business in Massachusetts experiences a sharp decline. The Republican Caucus voted against every single proposed tax increase because small businesses, families and individuals alike cannot afford to pay any more.

The moral of the story, reach out to your legislators, tell them how the decisions they are making are affecting your life. There is an incredible disconnect between most Democratic lawmakers and their constituents. Believe us, there may be a hunger for a Big Mac and fries, but there is no hunger for more taxes!