Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Republicans Push for Fiscal Responsibility, Democrats Defend Status Quo

House Republicans made a push in the Legislature today to postpone a vote on a $103 million supplemental budget. Republican leadership made a motion to put off taking up this bill until September. Republican lawmakers argued that taking up a bill of this magnitude while revenues continue to plummet would be reckless and irresponsible. Furthermore, the GOP caucus questioned whether or not Democrats had even read the bill and understood the contents they’d be voting on. Republicans, who received this bill just after 10 am this morning, once again highlighted the broken process that has left Beacon Hill in financial shambles. House Minority Leader Brad Jones told State House News Service how frustrating the process is, citing the lack of time to study and vet elements in the budget. In addition, Jones pointed out that just today the Senate President said July’s revenue numbers could be off by as much as $35 million, therefore spending $103 million today would not be the wisest decision.

Business continues to go on as usual on Beacon Hill despite repeated efforts by Republicans to bring greater transparency and accountability to the Legislature.