Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Governor Hobnobbing in D.C., Revenue Free-fall in the Bay State

While Governor Patrick hobnobs in Washington, D.C., the fiscal free-fall continues here in the Bay State. According to a Boston Globe report, “June revenue fell nearly $260 million below the most recent projections.” It’s a good thing the Boston Globe got that information, because that is exactly where our caucus learned about the situation as well. The differences between Candidate Patrick and Governor Patrick are stark to say the least. Candidate Patrick promised transparency; Governor Patrick is anything but transparent. Candidate Patrick promised accountability, but Governor Patrick is out of town yet again while the revenue in the state he is supposed to be CEO of plummets.

Remember “Together We Can?” When Candidate Patrick picked that as his slogan, did he mean to say “Together We Cannot?” Governor Patrick talks a big game when it comes to transparent government yet we heard about the revenue free-fall from his Morrissey Boulevard office. Governor Patrick unlike Candidate Patrick isn’t interested in transparency. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Patrick set out to change Beacon Hill, yet Beacon Hill has changed him.