Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Loss for Massachusetts is a Win for Michigan

The New England Economic Partnership is reporting some grim news today. According to the Boston Globe “the nonprofit research group, projects the state will lose more than 60,000 additional jobs before the labor market hits bottom in the third quarter of 2010. That would bring total job losses in this recession to just under 200,000, or 5.9 percent of total employment.” This news comes just one day after the Boston Globe reported that Mascoma, a company that makes a gasoline substitute from wood chips and other materials, is getting ready to open a plant in Michigan where it will create 100 new jobs. Massachusetts, however was originally an option for Mascoma, but apparently, Michigan’s Governor made recruiting the business to her state a priority whereas Governor Patrick did not. In fact, Mascoma’s CEO told the Globe, “Massachusetts, they knew we were looking to build a plant. It wasn’t a priority for them at the time.’’ Why wasn’t it, Governor?

When the Globe asked the Governor about the loss, Patrick said, “We’d like it all, to be sure, but this is good for the country and we get the bragging rights of being the hometown of a pioneer.’’ This isn’t about bragging rights! This is about the Governor’s misplaced priorities and reckless business policies. The Governor needs to be focused on creating jobs not what he can or can’t brag about. This is a loss for Massachusetts that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, Governor Patrick does not possess the leadership to make Massachusetts a more business friendly state. But hey, if you’re an out of work Democratic operative, come to Massachusetts, the Governor will find you a high paying position in his administration.