Friday, November 20, 2009

Governor Patrick Misses the Point, Again!

According to an article in today’s Boston Herald, Governor Patrick recently spoke at an event with the Retailers Association of Massachusetts where he apparently said, “He would support a sales tax holiday in 2010 if state revenues stabilize.”

Once again Governor Patrick misses the point. Instead of focusing on the well being of our state’s taxpayers and businesses, he’s more worried about the state’s coffers. As the Herald article points out, “Store owners had contended that the holiday was especially needed this year, because they feared that a 25 percent increase in the state sales tax to 6.25 percent, which took effect Aug. 1, would drive consumers to shop in tax-free New Hampshire or online.” The fact that Governor Patrick said the state couldn't offer a sales tax holiday shows just how out of touch and disconnected he and his administration really are. The poor economic climate was the most convincing reason why a sales tax holiday was necessary. Not only does the sales tax holiday generate business during a slump, it also provides a little relief to cash-strapped taxpayers.

One thing in the article that doesn’t surprise us is the fact that Governor Patrick is suddenly on the bandwagon for a sales tax holiday next year, an election year that is!