Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why No Job Numbers Governor Patrick?

The Federal Stimulus plan was touted by many as the great solution to the many economic problems facing the nation. Along with jump starting the economy, people all over the nation were promised it would generate good paying and long lasting jobs. Today, State House News Service reported that Boston’s Mayor, Tom Menino will be announcing their share of the federal stimulus money has helped to create about 1300 jobs. Yet just yesterday, Governor Patrick’s sidekick (no, not Tobey), Tim Murray said it was too early to definitively say how many jobs have been created. So, who’s telling the truth? We’re guessing Menino wouldn’t be celebrating if he didn’t have concrete evidence to back up his claim. So, why is it our esteemed Governor can’t seem to tell us if any jobs have been created, how many? Is it possible he won’t tell us because it’s not anywhere near where he predicted?

But don’t worry, according to the Boston Herald, prison inmates recently received $250 each from the federal stimulus plan!