Monday, August 17, 2009

Massachusetts Taxpayers and Businesses Can’t Catch a Break

Due to the struggling economy and the absence of a sales tax holiday this year, businesses are trying to be a little more creative in order to attract shoppers to their stores. Businesses all over the Commonwealth have been encouraging people to shop in their stores, by offering to foot the bill for the sales tax. However, that gesture is unfortunately illegal in this state and now businesses are being forced to pull back on the advertising. It seems like no matter what, Massachusetts taxpayers and businesses just can’t catch a break.

Fortunately, there are legislators on Beacon Hill trying to make life a little easier for residents across the state. About fifty legislators have co-sponsored a bill that would put the responsibility on the vendors, who advertise this way, to pay the full amount of the tax due by the purchaser. Unfortunately, this bill will likely not be taken up into the fall.

We need to make Massachusetts a more business-friendly state and a state people want to move to and stay in. However, the state’s tax policy makes it very hard for families and businesses alike to thrive and survive.