Saturday, August 1, 2009

RIP Massachusetts Economy

The Massachusetts economy and the taxpayers of the Commonwealth took a hit like never before today. As you are all well aware, today, the Democrats on Beacon Hill buried our state's economy, as a 25% increase to the state's sales tax went into effect this morning. In addition, the exemption on your alcohol purchases is no more and when you go out to dinner tonight, expect to pay a bit more as well.

The tax and spend Democrats just don't get it. While they continue to show their loyalty to the special interest groups, they are proving once again to the voters just how out of touch they really are. Not to bring it up again, but Republicans on Beacon Hill offered hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings reforms during the budget debate and while Democrats try to paint us as the party of no, we show day in and day out that we are the party that is offering an alternative voice on Beacon Hill. We understand what you, the taxpayer, is going through. And while we continue to fight for change on Beacon Hill, the Democrats continue to make promises they can't keep.

Rest in Peace, Massachusetts economy.