Thursday, August 6, 2009

Republicans Right Again!

As revenues continue to tank and Democrats on Beacon Hill continue their unsuccessful tax and spend ways, it’s important to take a moment and remember that those Democrats have been warned many, many times.

Last week, the Legislature passed a supplemental budget, with much objection from Republican lawmakers. Republicans in the House made a motion to postpone taking up the supplemental budget until the fall in order to gauge the revenue numbers from the summer months. That effort was overwhelmingly rejected and a vote was taken anyway. The Speaker and his Ways and Means chief said July’s revenues would be $18 million below benchmark and based the supplemental budget on that figure. Well, yesterday afternoon, the Department of Revenue reported that July’s revenue numbers ended $24 million under the projected figure. That means last week’s supplemental budget is sitting on the Governor’s desk $6 million out of balance. So, the Governor has two options; veto or 9C.

Once again, Republicans encourage the membership to be fiscally conservative and yet here we are again forced to be reactive.