Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Governor Patrick, Where’s the Leadership?

Governor Patrick’s poll numbers have been on a rapid decline lately, but now he’s letting down an unlikely demographic, the children! As you all know, we’re experiencing a bit of a heat wave in the Commonwealth, although the Patrick Administration is apparently surprised by that. Umm, hello it is August! According to an article in today’s Boston Herald, Governor Patrick, the chief executive officer of our state, decided it wasn’t important enough for him to step in as more than 20 of the state’s pools remained closed on one of the hottest days of the year. Children all over the state, looking for relief, were denied a swim in a pool because of the lack of leadership Governor Patrick shows.

Apparently, Governor Patrick is more focused on ousting a qualified state employee, hiring his hack friends and protecting the funds to his precious Washington, DC office. Governor Patrick’s probably pretty happy this morning that the voting age is 18 or else he’d be losing a whole lot of votes!