Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Veterans “Thank You” Bonuses Available

If you, a member of your family or a friend are a post 9/11 veteran, we have some important information for you. A few years ago, a $10 million dollar program aimed at helping veterans when they return home was launched. The “Welcome Home” bonuses would award veterans up to $1,000. There are about 30,000 eligible veterans, but according to an article in today’s Boston Globe, only about 1/3 of those qualified have claimed their bonuses.

According to the article, “The bonus program pays Massachusetts veterans who served in any of the regular branches of the armed forces, the National Guard, or reserves for at least six months after September 11, 2001. It pays $1,000 to service members who were deployed to the Iraq or Afghanistan theaters and $500 to anyone who served elsewhere.”

To find out more information about the “Welcome Home” bonus and whether or not you are eligible, click here.