Monday, August 10, 2009

Governor Patrick: Still Out of Touch!

Governor Patrick and his administration continue to make a mockery out of state government. Last week, Patrick and Transportation Secretary Jim Aloisi forced out Dan Grabauskas as General Manager at the MBTA at a cost of $330,000 to the taxpayers. This week, there is renewed talk that a fare increase may be necessary to offset the agency’s budget deficit. When asked about the possible fare hike, Governor Patrick told State House News Service, “Let's see what we can squeeze out of the organization before we start talking about new fares. Until I get that, I'm not going to take a position on fares." How convenient, the Governor had enough info to get rid of Grabauskas but now he does not have enough information to express an opinion on a fare hike despite signing the sales tax increase and transportation reform package.

Meanwhile, Grabauskas, who is sick of having is character attacked, spoke out today regarding the hypocrisy of Governor Patrick and Aloisi. In a new report by the Boston Herald’s Hillary Chabot, “Grabauskas said $160 million in state aid from the sales tax hike, combined with roughly $18 million in federal stimulus cash and cuts prompting at least $3 million in savings eliminates the roughly $180 million deficit the agency faces for fiscal year 2010.”

Grabauskas goes onto say that a fare increase is not necessary this year and if the administration goes ahead with the hike, it would be their policy decision. Grabauskas also questioned how Aloisi could say the T wasn’t safe, then oust him and later claim the T is safe.