Friday, October 30, 2009

Governor Patrick Swings and Misses Again

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. issued the following statement after hearing of Governor Patrick’s appointments to the newly formed Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board.

Governor Patrick’s appointments today present a missed opportunity as we initiate phase one of the transportation reform overhaul. While I’d like to say I am surprised by the Governor’s appointments, nothing shocks me anymore. The fact that they are being announced as part of the Friday afternoon news drop only validates my concern that at least some of the appointments announced are more about politics than policy.

Earlier this year, we passed a comprehensive transportation reform package that signaled a new beginning for the state’s transportation system. At least half of the appointments made today are contrary to the intent of the legislation and potentially in violation of the law.

What is clear is that three members appointed today are holdovers from previous transportation boards and their appointment to the new MassDOT Board represents a missed chance for bold leadership and a break with the past. In order for the overhaul to the transportation system to reach its true cost saving potential, it will take new leadership and bold implementation, not more of the same.