Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too Little, Too Late

Massachusetts’ economy, much like the global economy has taken hit after hit since the economic downturn began. During this time however, little to no leadership has been displayed by Governor Patrick and his administration. That is evident by the dismal unemployment news being reported today as well as the Governor’s announcement of an economic summit he is hastily throwing together.

Now that his campaign for re-election is heating up, Governor Patrick wants to make it look like he’s actually working to fix the Bay State’s economy. However, we all know that if anything, Governor Patrick has managed to make the state’s finances worse by raising several taxes over the last couple years. He and his administration have been so focused on politics that they actually forgot to govern. Now, we have a 9.3% unemployment rate, the highest in more than 30 years, local businesses bordering New Hampshire and Rhode Island are struggling to stay afloat thanks to his decision to sign a drastic sales tax hike into law and let’s not forget his reckless spending ways.

Let's get back to the economic summit publicity stunt. The Boston Herald is reporting that “Governor Deval Patrick will convene an economic summit later this month to discuss long-term economic recovery and jobs growth.” Memo to Governor Patrick, we’ve been in this recession for more than a year, shouldn’t you have started thinking about economic recovery a little sooner?