Thursday, October 22, 2009

Patrick in Campaign Mode?

Governor Patrick appears to be in campaign mode as President Barack Obama makes his way to the Bay State to raise money for the Governor’s re-election bid. It’s surprising however, to see the Governor actively campaigning so soon considering comments he made in March. When criticized for hiring Jim Aloisi and failing to bring tax relief to Massachusetts taxpayers, Governor Patrick told State House News Service on March 2nd, “save it for next year when the campaign starts. We're dealing right now with problems that they left, that they created, and I'll tell you those problems are deep, deeper than I think certainly I even realized when I was running." Problems left by the Romney Administration? Like the $2 billion Governor Romney left in the rainy day fund?

So, why the change of heart Governor Patrick? Could the campaign be kicking up because of the rapid decline in the Governor’s poll numbers? Or is it because he’s done the exact opposite of everything “Candidate Patrick” promised he would do as Governor?