Friday, October 2, 2009

Governor Out of Touch: Don’t Worry Be Happy

As The Capitol View reported earlier, the state’s revenue numbers came in $243 million below projections. Following that announcement, Governor Patrick talked with the press about the economic outlook.

According to the Boston Herald, Governor Patrick said, “State revenue always recovers more slowly than the private economy. The good news is that the private sector is on the road to recovery.” On the road to recovery? Are you kidding? If this is Governor Patrick’s idea of a road to recovery, then it is a road full of potholes, speed bumps, oil slicks, snow and ice patches.

Every time Governor Patrick speaks, it highlights not only his disconnect with the people of Massachusetts but his complete lack of competency and leaderships skills. Governor Patrick came in with a significant rainy day fund, restored cuts made previously by Mitt Romney and began a spending spree that even Hollywood’s top earning celebrity couldn’t keep up with.

While Governor Patrick is busy rallying the special interest groups to boycott Hyatt hotels, working families are trying to figure out how they’ll make this month’s mortgage or rent payment. Glad to see his priorities are in order! It’s time for this Governor to step up to the plate. Seeing as though he hasn’t been able to do that almost three years into his tenure, it’s doubtful he’ll all of a sudden start leading now.