Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DiMasi Indictment Further Proof of One Party Government Run Amuck

The new charge brought against former Speaker Sal DiMasi is further proof that the one party system in the Commonwealth has run amuck. We have seen scandal after scandal, corruption and massive abuse of power. It’s a disgrace that one party has so much control and an even greater disgrace that the members of the House of Representatives relinquish so much of their own power to the Speaker.

Lord Acton once said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Who would have thought that words said in the 19th century could ring so true in the 21st century?

The culture of corruption on Beacon Hill is astonishing and will only be resolved when there is greater balance in the Legislature. Until then, Democrats will continue to allow a select few to make important decisions and unfortunately we can’t count on those people to make the right choices. The Democrats in Massachusetts have proven time and time again that they are unable of running state government efficiently and responsibly. Isn’t it time we elect more Republicans?