Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Economic Summit: Little, Late, Lackluster

If Governor Patrick was expecting his economic summit to boost confidence among Massachusetts residents, he was mistaken. If anything, the timing and partisanship surrounding the summit are further proof that this Governor’s efforts to repair the Commonwealth’s economy are too little, his grasp on the magnitude of the crisis came too late and his response has been lackluster.

Instead of a largely cheerleading session packed with donors and supporters, Governor Patrick should have invited a healthy mix of critics and leaders of companies that have left or are considering leaving the Bay State for greener pastures. Yesterday’s event was nothing more than a staged opportunity for Governor Patrick to look as if he is working diligently to resolve the state’s economic crisis. As the Boston Herald Editorial staff said today, “That doesn’t require “summits” and banners. It requires hard work and the expenditure of what little remains of Patrick’s political capital.”