Monday, April 26, 2010

Who says the Minority Party can’t be effective?

A Republican amendment to strike out controversial language that would allow cities and towns to essentially circumvent Prop 2 1/2 in the so-called Municipal Relief Bill is picking up the support of editorial boards across the Commonwealth, particularly the Boston Herald.

“Whatever the actual amount, the provision is clearly an end-run around Prop 2 ½ - and that ought to make it a non-starter in a year when taxpayers have already had it up to their eyeballs with tax hikes,” said the Herald Editorial Staff in today’s paper.

The editorial goes on to read, “Republican lawmakers will propose an amendment removing the provision when it hits the House floor this week. The result ought to be clear. This assault on property taxpayers must be halted.”

Meanwhile, just a few minutes ago, State House News Service reported that Seth Gitell, spokesman for Speaker DeLeo said, "That provision will be struck down with the start of House action today. The Speaker has always said he doesn't expect any new taxes in this budget and he doesn't support whatsoever any weakening of Proposition 2 1/2."

Who said the Minority Party can’t be effective?

The House will be taking up this bill today and The Capitol View will be checking in later to let its readers know the status of the bill.