Monday, April 5, 2010

Can Barack Obama save Deval Patrick?

Governor Patrick’s struggling reelection campaign is gaining national attention as posted an article this weekend called Obama Mission: Saving Gov. Patrick. If Governor Patrick is banking on President Obama to help him get reelected, he’s got another thing coming to him.

Governor Patrick’s poll numbers are in the tank for a reason, not just because this appears to be an anti-incumbent year. In fact, as reported by Politico, “One of the issues he’s being hammered on this year is not making good on his campaign promise to lower property taxes.” Ah yes, the number one campaign promise – reducing property taxes! How ironic that the average single family property tax bill has actually increased by 18% since Governor Patrick took office. In 2007, the average property tax bill was $3,962. Today, the average bill is $4,671. Is that change we can believe in?

Politico also points out that Governor Patrick has had a hard time transitioning from campaigning to governing. The article also highlights that Governor Patrick’s tenure has been filled with controversy. Can you say Marian Walsh?

Click here to read the Politico article in its entirety.