Monday, April 12, 2010

Jones Urges End to Hypocrisy

House Minority Leader Brad Jones today called for the end of the massive hypocrisy working its way through the Massachusetts House of Representatives. This comes after reading a press release distributed from a House Democrat who called on the Speaker to delay the casino vote until a public hearing is held on the bill. That particular representative, Representative Jennifer Callahan, didn’t bother to offer an amendment to the order last week calling for a hearing or at a very minimum objecting to the order for the filing of amendments. In fact, the Democrat in question voted in favor of the order!

Regardless of whether you agree with the process of the expanded gaming debate or not, this hypocrisy is laughable and needs to end. Callahan, who like many, has recently jumped on the reform bandwagon express, should have voiced her concern last week. Instead, she waited until the 11th hour in order to garner some press coverage.