Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tim Cahill: Always late to the game

Treasurer Tim Cahill is suddenly interested in having an opinion on the so-called “Lawrence Bailout Bill.” The question is – where was he months ago when this issue first came up? Did no one ask him for his opinion? Is that why he didn’t have one?

In today’s Boston Herald, Cahill called “the overseer job “toothless” and argued for a control board that would allow state officials to completely take over Lawrence’s finances." We’re happy he agrees with us, but where was he when we were proposing an amendment that would have put an independent control board into place immediately? Was it not politically convenient at the time to have an opinion?

Tim Cahill’s act is getting tired and quite frankly laughable. Much like Governor Patrick, Cahill is often a day late and a dollar short. We’ve had that kind of “leadership” in the corner office for the last three years, we don’t need another four years like them!

Click here to read the Boston Herald article in its entirety.