Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Minority Leader’s Statement on the Release of Congressional Redistricting Map

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. issued the following statement today in response to the unveiling of the Congressional redistricting map:

“The unveiling of the Massachusetts Congressional redistricting map represents the final and perhaps most important phase in the redistricting effort.

However, I am disappointed that the minority party was largely excluded from the Congressional map process and deliberation - in stark contrast to the open dialogue that was maintained by all parties during the House and Senate redistricting effort.

A majority of focus during the public hearings held around the Bay State was on the Congressional maps and how it could potentially impact residents. Given the tentative timeline provided to us by the Redistricting Committee, it seems as though the time allotted for public feedback will be at a premium and the House and Senate will be forced to move this map forward at a feverous pace.

While we continue to digest the numbers and totality of the maps presented to us for the first time today, we look forward to the public comment phase of this process - however brief it may be - and remain hopeful that an inclusive conversation amongst legislators will take place before the maps become finalized.”