Friday, June 19, 2009

Transportation Overhaul Well Received

Last night, the Legislature enacted a comprehensive transportation reform bill. While we acknowledge there is still a long road ahead and the success will be determined by the implementation, we are proud that a significant step has been taken in the right direction. The Boston Globe editorial page has had reservations in the past about the Legislature’s ability to truly reform the broken transportation system says the bill passed last night would “simplify a Byzantine bureaucracy while fixing some of the worst inefficiencies in the system.”

According to an editorial in today’s Boston Herald, “The Legislature deserves credit for delivering a transportation reform bill. Now it’s up to it and to the Patrick administration to ensure that they deliver true transportation reform.” This statement could not be any more accurate. While this bill is indeed strong, it is ultimately up to Governor Patrick and his administration to effectively implement its contents.

The bureaucracy of the transportation system has long been its downfall, but with the steps taken last night, we expect to see vast improvement to the system as well as significant long term cost savings.

Click here to read the Globe editorial and here for the piece in the Herald.