Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing Politics with Commonwealth’s Well Being

The Governor and the Democratic-controlled Legislature appear to be playing a game of chicken at the expense of Massachusetts’ taxpayers. The Governor made a public threat, albeit after the budget vote had already been taken, to the Legislature on Friday saying he would veto the sales tax if he doesn’t receive a comprehensive ethics reform bill. It’s business as usual on Beacon Hill as the tax happy, big spending Democrats continue to play politics with the Commonwealth’s well-being.

The Boston Globe’s Scott Lehigh today asked the rhetorical question, “Who is bluffing?” Will the Governor veto the sales tax forcing the Legislature to override it, or will he go along with the regressive and devastating 25% tax hike? The answer to that question remains to be unseen. Governor Patrick has been called “Governor Irrelevant” in recent days and quite frankly as far as his leadership goes, he’s been two steps behind throughout his entire administration. While we are disappointed in the Governor’s actions or lack thereof, we hope he does what is best for the taxpayers and vetoes the sales tax. If he doesn’t, at least he can say he and his Democratic colleagues stimulated the New Hampshire economy!