Friday, June 19, 2009

Republican Initiative Generates Millions for Commonwealth

The results of a GOP–sponsored tax amnesty plan targeting the state’s tax scofflaws were announced today. Republican lawmakers helped launch the program this year that allowed delinquent taxpayers to voluntarily pay off their back taxes by waiving penalties as an incentive.

The program began on March 1st and ended April 30th, generating an estimated $32 million.

“This program, which has been done in previous years, is a great way to generate revenue without asking the already tapped taxpayers to pay more,” said House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. “By waiving the penalties, we are incentivizing those who have neglected to pay taxes to come forward and repay their debt to society. It really is a win-win situation.”

“I’m very pleased with the results of the latest tax amnesty program,” said Senator Minority Leader Richard R. Tisei. “This just goes to show that there are other ways for the state to generate revenues without having to resort to raising taxes. It’s unfortunate that the Patrick Administration limited who could take advantage of the amnesty program because the state could have realized a much larger windfall.”

According to the Department of Revenue, the collections brought in surpassed their initial estimate by more than $10 million. More than 160,000 people were notified about the amnesty program. Balances had to be paid in full in order to have penalties waived.