Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Process Concluded Behind Closed Doors

Representative Jeffrey Davis Perry (R-Sandwich) is extremely disappointed with the process of drafting the Ethics Bill which was just released. Perry was selected to serve on the Conference Committee on the pending Ethics Reform Bill. Perry was among three members from the House of Representatives and three Senate members to serve on this Conference Committee which is charged with ironing out the differences between the different reform bills. In addition to this appointment, Perry also serves as the Ranking Member on the House Ethics Committee.

“With all the ethical scandals involving elected officials on Beacon Hill, citizens have lost a great deal of trust and confidence in their government. I viewed my role in this Conference Committee as making certain that any approved Bill has real and meaningful reforms. Disappointingly for the last nine days, there has been zero opportunity to meaningful participate in the development of the Bill.” said Representative Perry from the State House.

Perry added, “As a Republican Legislator in Massachusetts, many times my point of view does not prevail. I will review the Bill this evening and make my decision whether or not I can support the Bill. I will only support the Bill if it offers meaningful reform. Equally concerning than the substance of the proposal, which I was not allowed to review before the press conference, is the process which the Bill was developed.”

The culture of Beacon Hill politics, even when developing an Ethics Bill, remains one of backroom deals where only a couple members of one political party have a say” said Perry.