Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Time to Choose

In case you missed it, Governor Deval Patrick went on record in an article with the National Journal, and took a shot at Senator Scott Brown.

The Governor, who has been MIA from the Commonwealth for the past week or so, described Scott Brown as “…struggling a little bit to decide whether he’s going to work for the people of the Commonwealth or work for the hard right.” He went on to say “and I think he’s trying to find his footing. That’s what the experience of working with him as senator has been over the past year.”

This is an interesting comment, coming from a man who is racking up his frequent flier miles while trying to figure out if his allegiance lies with the residents of Massachusetts, his party, his book publisher, or his good ole pal President Barack Obama. And in case you’re wondering, Scott Brown has lived up to his promise of not missing any votes while promoting his own book.

We think it’s time that Governor Patrick lay off Scott Brown, who has to date been an independent voice, and vote for the people of Massachusetts. Instead, perhaps Governor Patrick should come back home and worry about the problems that face people of Massachusetts; jobs, unemployment, and health care. Just to name a few.

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