Friday, March 11, 2011

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blues

In case you missed it, 7 News’ Andy Hiller aired a story earlier this week that draws comparisons between the Governor’s reluctance to comment on the payout given to former Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Cleve Killingsworth, and the Hyatt Hotels employees that were laid off two years ago.

We believe that Andy’s story was spot on, and is an accurate portrayal of the hypocrisy that the Patrick administration has displayed during the course of the Blue Cross Blue Shield fallout.

The story that aired points out the Governors willingness to jump head first into the layoff of the Hyatt Hotels housekeepers in 2009. During the public outcry of the layoffs the Governor said “if this decision is not reversed, I am not personally going to any events at a Hyatt Hotel.”

His reaction to the $11 million dollar severance package that Blue Cross Blue Shield, a non-profit, handed out, “it doesn’t matter what I think. I am not going to get into managing individual companies or individual compensation.”

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