Thursday, March 17, 2011

Double Standard?

In case you missed it, State Transportation Secretary Jeffrey Mullan yesterday announced that an 8 foot long light fixture, weighing 110 pounds, collapsed inside one of the Big Dig tunnels.

The incident, which occurred in early February, injured no one and went unmentioned for close to 5 weeks. The Patrick administration withheld the information regarding a public safety hazard for over a month.

The flip side of the coin is the recent departure of Fidelity Investments from their Marlborough office. Governor Patrick is “frustrated” over the lack of notice from Fidelity regarding their planned departure from Marlborough. While in England the Governor said, “I learned that this decision was in the works for months, and they were just executing a plan, I’m frustrated because these folks have been in touch with my folks, and with me, and never mentioned what this plan is.’’

It seems odd to us that the Governor is upset that he was kept in the dark. Flashback to the press conference held yesterday regarding the collapse of a light fixture in the “Tip” O’Neill tunnel. The current administration knew about the fixture collapse for over 5 weeks and told no one, but yet they remain “frustrated” that they were left in the dark over Fidelity’s plan to move jobs out of the Commonwealth.

It’s time for the double standards in the corner office to end, and for the citizens of the Commonwealth, the taxpayers, to know just what is going on in the state of Massachusetts.