Thursday, March 31, 2011

Internet Sweepstakes Parlors Don’t Make Cent$

In case you missed it, two local television stations aired stories earlier this week about the growing trend of internet sweepstakes establishments throughout the Commonwealth.

These sweepstakes are flying under the radar predominantly because the establishments are hiding behind the notion that they are merely selling internet time, and not engaging in illegal gambling activities. Some sweepstakes establishments are going as far as handing out sodas and finger food to patrons.

As a result of these stories, we are urging the Attorney General, as well as necessary members of the Patrick Administration to look into these practices. Not only are these sweepstakes parlors potentially engaging in illegal gaming, they are skipping out on potential taxes that the state could rightfully collect.

Click here to view the Channel 4 (WBZ-TV) story in its entirety.

Click here to view the Channel 5 (WCVB) story in its entirety.