Monday, March 21, 2011

Now You Want To Talk…

In case you missed it, the Boston Herald reported that Governor Patrick wants to sit down “face-to-face” with Fidelity Investments executives to discuss the closing of their Marlborough offices.

In an interview with reporters at the State House, the Governor said “I want them to say it to my face, and I want to see whether there is something we can do.” This in reaction to him feeling “disappointed and frustrated” that Fidelity Investments chose to ship 1,100 jobs out of the Commonwealth.

While we are on the topic of jobs leaving Massachusetts, we can’t help but recall the closing of Evergreen Solar back in January. This announcement of the loss of 800 jobs, and millions in taxpayer dollars came with little notification to the Patrick Administration as well.

When the Governor found out about Evergreen Solar leaving the Commonwealth he gave what now seems to be his well rehearsed speech regarding companies leaving Massachusetts, but never asked to sit down with Evergreen executives and have them “say it to his face.”

It’s ironic that now that Fidelity is leaving, he wants to sit down and talk to them face-to-face. Yet when Evergreen Solar, a company that was highly touted by the Governor, and received $56.8 million in grants, loans, land, and tax incentives, decides to leave all the Governor does is give a press conference.

Let’s try and keep the jobs in Massachusetts so it doesn’t have to come down to a face-to-face meeting after the fact.