Friday, January 21, 2011

You Heard it Here First!

State House News Service just moments ago sent out its Weekly Roundup and wrapping up this week’s edition was a piece of news Governor Patrick probably wished could have been buried in snow like the cars in Southie this morning!

SHNS reported that A&F Secretary Jay Gonzalez is telling lawmakers “not to expect a $160 million federal payment.” Gonzalez said, ““We are less confident now that we will receive this amount from the federal government.” Gee, you think? We’ve been saying that all along. Why the Patrick-Murray Administration ever factored that into the FY11 budget is beyond us. Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray like to brag that the FY11 budget was balanced, responsible and on time – guess, that must have been a late April Fool’s Day joke!

It seems a lot of the successes Governor Patrick touted during his re-election campaign are actually turning out to be failures. Coincidence? We think not! When is this Administration going to learn to craft its budget based on reality, not on hope?