Friday, January 7, 2011

Boston Globe Gets it Right!

In case you missed it, the Boston Globe ran an editorial today calling for the repeal of the Pacheco Law, an anti-privatization law on the books and costing the state a lot of money.

The opening paragraph says it all, "The so-called Pacheco law doesn’t just keep government agencies from saving money by hiring outside contractors to perform certain services. It also sends a broad message: In Massachusetts, the demands of special-interest groups — in this case, public-employee unions — can outweigh the obligation to run government efficiently."

The editorial goes on to say, "As the chief executive of the state in a time of great fiscal distress, Governor Patrick must deliver better government in a frugal manner — and that should mean getting the Pacheco law repealed."

We couldn't agree with the writers of this piece more. Fortunately, year after year the Republican Caucus has filed measures to repeal or to raise the threshold of the Pacheco Law. With several media outlets supporting our efforts, we are hopeful this will be the year we repeal the Pacheco Law.