Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Republican Caucus Proposes Ambitious Rules Package

The House Republican Caucus, led by Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr., offered an ambitious rules package during today’s rules debate.

House Republicans were pleased to get a handful of amendments adopted. For example, a proposal was accepted to allow for greater scrutiny and transparency of legislative accounts and an amendment improving attire and general decorum was approved as well.

Unfortunately, some of the amendments offered by the Republican Caucus that would have improved the legislative process were rejected.

Among the amendments rejected include:

1. Eliminating the position of Speaker Pro Tempore

2. Requiring a roll call with 2/3rds majority in order to raise any tax or fee

3. Requiring the House to consider a resolution no later than March 15th of each year, defining the minimum financial contribution the Commonwealth will make to cities and towns in the form of Chapter 70 and unrestricted government aid

4. Requiring recorded votes at an executive session of a committee be recorded on the legislative website

“The general public has lost its faith in its elected officials and we offered an ambitious rules package with the goal of improving the Legislative process,” said Representative Jones. “Although I would have liked to see even more of our proposals adopted, I am pleased with the successes we had as a caucus, and as a Legislative body today.”

At the beginning of each legislative session, the Legislature adopts a set of rules to govern itself. This year, House Republicans offered more than 25 amendments.