Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sales Tax Holiday needed now more than ever!

It’s been nearly two years since the taxpayers of Massachusetts felt any relief – and even that was temporary! In case you forgot, back in 2008 and in other years past, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had a sales tax holiday weekend. We were unable to do it last year because Democrats on Beacon Hill said the state couldn’t afford the loss of revenue. Well, since then, tax and spend Democrats have forced upon you, the taxpayer, more than $1 billion in new taxes. That’s why, we in the Republican caucus are pushing for a sales tax holiday this summer because we know you need tax relief and you need it now!

The House is taking up an Economic Development bill tomorrow and the Republican caucus has filed an amendment to provide you with a sales tax holiday weekend on August 21 and 22. If signed into law, retailers will waive the sales tax on products costing under $2,500, including computers and home appliances. Some items are still taxed during the holiday, including motorboats, meals and tobacco.

We can’t get this done without you though…we need your help. Call your legislator, call the Governor’s office. Tell them you’ve had enough and need a break!

Even if we can wrangle up enough Democrats to join us and if the Governor signs it, don’t forget that they deprived you of this opportunity last year saying it would cost the state too much money. Nothing’s changed from last year except for one big thing – it’s an election year.