Friday, July 2, 2010

Massachusetts can’t afford four more years of Patrick Administration

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Brad Jones commented on the signing of the Fiscal Year 2011 budget. Jones said Governor Patrick’s inability to reject the idea of increasing taxes is further proof and perhaps the final nail in the coffin that Massachusetts cannot afford four more years under his watch.

The Republican leader went on to say, “From the out of control spending to the irresponsible budgeting, the outrageous borrowing and increased taxes, the people of Massachusetts have suffered enough. Governor Patrick would rather raise taxes and throw his tab on a charge card than roll up his sleeves and make the reforms necessary to making the Commonwealth run more efficiently. That is not change we can believe in – in fact, that’s what I’d like to call the status quo.”

Today, the Salem News wished all Massachusetts residents and visitors alike a very unhappy anniversary as just two days ago marked the one year anniversary since the sales tax increase was signed into law. The Salem News went on to ask a number of thought provoking questions. “How's that working out for Massachusetts? Have we taxed our way to prosperity? Is the economy now humming along? Are we moving to full employment? Are crucial state services being preserved thanks to another $900 million being sucked out of the pockets of struggling taxpayers?”

To see the answers to these questions, click here.