Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Governor Patrick all for a no-bid deal on Cape Wind

Governor Patrick got himself into a bit of a pickle recently after saying putting slots at each racetrack in the state would effectively be a “no-bid” deal for track owners. Well, Conor Yunits of Liberty Square Group capitalized on that slip today saying, “The Governor called this a no-bid handout last week. He doesn’t seem to be taking bids on Cape Wind, and that doesn’t have the immediate revenue or job benefits a gaming and entertainment venue (at Rayhnam Park) offers.” We couldn’t have said that better ourselves! Kudos to Yunits for calling out the Governor on yet another one of his many double standards.

Governor Patrick’s all for taking “handouts” from the Federal Government but apparently he’s got to be choosy when handing them out himself! After all, it is an election year!