Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sales tax holiday amendment adopted in the House

BOSTON—Saying the citizens of Massachusetts need tax relief now more than ever, House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. today said he was pleased that his colleagues across the aisle would join him and the Republican caucus in providing temporary tax relief to the citizens of Massachusetts with a sales tax holiday weekend in August.

The tax holiday began as a one day event in 2004, but expanded to a two day holiday in 2005. The taxpayers of Massachusetts were not granted relief last year as Democratic leaders on Beacon Hill claimed the state couldn’t afford the lost revenue.

“While I am pleased the taxpayers will feel a tiny bit of relief, we still need to do much more to make the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a more cost-friendly place to live and work,” said Representative Jones, the sponsor of the amendment. “Massachusetts businesses are at a severe disadvantage and the taxpayers of the Bay State have seen their taxes raised substantially over the last several years. This is the least the Democratic-controlled Legislature can do to make things a little easier for residents here in Massachusetts.”

The amendment passed while the House debated a piece of legislation relative to economic development. Only 13 members voted against the amendment.

If signed into law, the holiday weekend will take place on August 14 and 15. Retailers will waive the sales tax on products costing under $2,500, including computers and home appliances. Some items are still taxed during the holiday, including motorboats, meals and tobacco.