Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Governor Patrick rescinds RMV fee but will voters rescind Governor Patrick?

After a flurry of public backlash, Governor Patrick apparently realized today that raising yet another fee in this poor economy isn’t exactly the most popular idea! As The Capitol View reported yesterday, the Patrick-Murray Administration put into place a new $5 fee at the RMV for those customers utilizing branch services in person. Obviously, the general public was furious and now 24 hours into the Governor’s latest public relations debacle, Governor Patrick has decided to rescind the new fee.

While we appreciate Governor Patrick catching up to the rest of us, if he is expecting a pat on the back or a round of applause, he’s sadly mistaken. The mere attempt at raising another fee is yet another indicator that Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray are so out of a touch that one would think they’re living under a rock. Let’s not forget that it was this administration that only earlier this year was proposing a candy and soda tax. It was also Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray who raised the sales tax last year and a slew of other taxes.

Governor Patrick made the right decision this time by rescinding this fee. Will the voters make the right decision come November and rescind Governor Patrick? That’s certainly something for the Patrick-Murray Administration to ponder!