Monday, March 1, 2010

Governor Patrick: Nickel and Diming the Taxpayers!

Governor Deval Patrick is sending mixed messages to the taxpayers/voters of the Commonwealth. One day he’s putting out press releases touting his accomplishments and the next he’s raising or creating new fees!

Which is it, Governor Patrick? Are you running for re-election or are you intentionally trying to be a one-term governor? Regardless of your answer, this new fee is only adding insult to injury.

In case you missed it, the Boston Herald reported today that “Governor Patrick is quietly whacking beleaguered Bay State motorists with a $5 fee to use Registry of Motor Vehicle branches to renew their licenses and registrations.” So, basically you have to pay 5 bucks just to talk to a state employee and oh yeah, your taxes are already paying their salaries!

This governor is doing everything he can to nickel and dime the taxpayers. In addition to the slew of new and increased taxes since taking office, now Governor Patrick wants you to pay an additional $5 just to utilize the RMV!
As the Boston Herald points out today, this new fee is on top of a “$10 license renewal increase last year.”

What’s next? Is the Governor going to charge men and women to use the bathroom at state facilities? It really is getting absurd and insulting to watch Governor Patrick drain the wallets and pockets of taxpayers all over Massachusetts.

Raising fees and increasing taxes in not the answer to our state’s economic challenges. If anything, these higher fees and taxes are making it harder for already struggling taxpayers to continue living in Massachusetts.