Thursday, December 10, 2009

House Republicans Join Staff, All 16 Take Voluntary Furloughs

The Capitol View announces today that every House Republican will be taking a voluntary furlough. This comes after Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and House Minority Leader Brad Jones announced all House staff would be required to take a five day furlough to help tighten the budget gap.

The members of the House are not constitutionally obligated to take a furlough, however each member believes everyone needs to share in the sacrifice as state lawmakers deal with a massive budget shortfall.

The Republican Caucus remains disappointed as the financial picture has worsened over the last few months saying the Legislature should have been more proactive.

Republican lawmakers pushed for a statewide furlough, a hiring freeze and a number of other cost savings proposals in April because of the bleak outlook. Those ideas were unfortunately rejected in favor of significant tax increases.