Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boston Herald Gets it Right

The Boston Herald’s editorial staff got it right today when it said “sometimes procrastination actually does pay off.” As you may know, there has been somewhat of a public difference of opinion between Governor Patrick and House Speaker Bob DeLeo on whether or not the House should have taken up the heavily amended Senate version of the Education Reform bill.

While the Republican caucus remains disappointed and frustrated by the light fall schedule in the House, we tend to agree that rushing through a bill that appears to do more harm than good is not in the best interest of the Commonwealth. Furthermore, given the length of the bill and the details of the amendments, it is imperative that every member have the opportunity to fully read and study the contents of the bill.

As the editorial points out “the House has until January to devise a bill that not only gives us a clean shot at $250 million in federal funds, but serves the most important constituency: children and families.”