Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Governor Patrick Gets Part of his Story Right!

Governor Deval Patrick appeared with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on WTKK yesterday, where the Governor took several questions from callers and via email. The Governor, whose sense of reality appears to be warped, was talking about the budgets his administration has produced during his time in office calling the three budgets thus far “responsible, balanced and on time.” Well, he got part of his story right – they have all been on time! But responsible and balanced, now that’s a stretch!

Each and every budget the Governor has signed has been revisited several times, not to mention the fact that just days after signing the FY10 budget, the Governor was already asking for expanded 9C powers. The last three budgets have been structurally deficient while the past two have been way out of balance from the get go. They’ve all been based on bloated revenue projections and because of that and the lackluster economy the Executive Office of Administration and Finance has revised revenue benchmarks many times. Additionally, if his budgeting abilities are indeed responsible and balanced, Governor Patrick wouldn’t have needed to make as many cuts as he has this year.

You can tell we’re coming up on an election year, because this Governor seems to be stretching the truth every time he opens his mouth! Governor Patrick also told Braude and Eagan, “I think everybody is feeling pinched right now. I think we've got to be real slow in imposing new fines and fees and taxes, frankly." That’s an ironic statement coming from Governor Patrick, considering the taxes and fee increases his administration has imposed on the hardworking taxpayers of the Commonwealth!