Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Democrats Playing Politics

The Joint Committee on Election Laws is currently polling its members on a bill to allow Governor Patrick to make an interim appointment until a special election is held. Interestingly enough, the current form of the bill allows an immediate appointment, does not prohibit the appointee from running in the special election and requires that the appointee is of the same political party as the person who vacated the seat. It would appear as though the Democrats on Beacon Hill have convinced enough members to vote for this piece of legislation despite the fact that the majority of lawmakers voted against similar proposals in the past.

In today’s Boston Herald, the editorial staff asks, “have they no shame?” The editorial goes onto read, “Lawmakers should be embarrassed to sign on to this - even more so now than in its original version.”

We couldn’t agree more. The Democrats on Beacon Hill are making a mockery of the institution. As John Adams once said, “we are government of laws, not of men.” It is time the Democrats respect our state’s constitution and stop changing laws just to suit whatever political whim they’re having at the time.

Click here to read the editorial in its entirety.