Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"What Obama Giveth, Patrick Taketh Away"

Part of President Obama’s stimulus package is a tax break of roughly $13 a week for working men and women, with the idea they will use this extra amount in their paychecks to stimulate the economy. However, here in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick wants to take that national tax break away from working families by increasing state taxes. Patrick is now seeking a 19 cent increase in the state gas tax along with other proposals to raise taxes for things like candy bars, mileage and so on.

The federal government is desperately trying to infuse money into the economy and wants to get the general public spending again. Yet, our Governor is doing the complete opposite and wants to take away that $13 a week national tax break and then some by increasing taxes so he can spend it rather than dealing with the difficult task of bringing about true meaningful reform and limit state spending during these troubling times. Our Governor should be finding ways to make Massachusetts more competitive and affordable to live and do business by not taking money out of our economy. There is a better way, invest in our people and small businesses and let them keep more of their own money and let them lead out us of this downturn.