Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Gas-Guzzler Tax" Coming to a City Near You!

According to an article in today's Boston Globe, "Massachusetts could become the first state with its own Hummer tax under a plan floated by Governor Deval L. Patrick yesterday that would charge higher registration fees for gas-guzzling cars and offer discounts for those that do less harm to the environment."

Enough is enough. We cannot tax and spend our way out of the current fiscal mess. We need to tighten the belts, rein in the out of control spending and reform practices that are detrimental to the future of the Commonwealth and its citizens.

In the last year, Massachusetts has passed the largest corporate tax increase ever, increased taxes on cigarettes as well as proposed new taxes on candy, soda and alcohol. Just last week, Governor Patrick floated the idea of a 27 cent gas tax increase.

While we applaud the Governor for offering incentives to those people who purchase more energy efficient vehicles, we are disappointed that he seeks to penalize those who need bigger vehicles. Small business owners often rely on trucks and sport utility vehicles. Instituting yet another new tax would be one more obstacle to the survival of small business in Massachusetts.

What's next, a tax on breathing?